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EU and rest of the world shipping is also available on most products  


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cast acrylics

We can engrave and/or cut wood, acrylic, plastic, fabrics leather, marble, glass, and much more on our

8ft x 4ft bed machine


Full Service Laser Cutting & Engraving


Basic laser cutting and engraving services.


Negotiable  Production rate for clients that need large orders we may negotiate lower prices or piece rates. Contact us to get started.


On-site prototyping


Work alongside our professional operators to perfect your design. Contact us to discuss details.


Initial consultation


Free initial consultation for new clients. In person or by email or phone.


Artwork & file consultation


We will assist you in making laser-ready and CNC-ready files using a variety of applications.


Popular materials Use with laser equipment

Cast acrylic


Acrylic comes in a whole rainbow of colors. It has two forms - cast and extruded. While extruded will work, cast produces far superior results. We can help you select the right acrylic for your project.


Clear acrylic

Acrylic is the best material other than glass for making crystal-clear parts. Cast acrylic in particular comes in several grades of optically clear, including scratch resistant options.


Matte Frosted Acrylic  


Most acrylic has a naturally glossy surface. If you want flat matte acrylic you can find it in almost any color, but it often must be special ordered.


Flourescent Acrylic


Not only does Acrylic come in many colors, but it can be translucent, fluorescent, or have inclusions that create interesting effects. We can help you select from specialty acrylics


Other materials




Natural leather is one of our favorite materials to use. It engraves beautifully, and vector cutting can be a great alternative to hand trimming and hand punching.


Cotton fabric

Natural fabrics, including cotton, can be cut and engraved easily on the laser. If blended with synthetics we may need to examine and test it before running, as some synthetics can harm the laser.



Just like other fabric, denim cuts and engraves beautifully on the laser. Dark denim especially produces crisp, high contrast engravings. Synthetic blend results may vary.



Natural felt is a great material to laser cut to produce art projects, soft bases for coasters and awards, and much more. Only natural felt will be considered, as synthetic felt can be toxic when laser cut.


Engrave only, no cutting




Slate is a relatively soft, flakey stone. Being highly porous and absorbant, it can become popular to use for drink coasters. It takes engraving very well.


Annodized aluminum

While we cannot mark on bare metal, when the surface has been annodized, painted or otherwise coated we can engrave away the coating to reveal the bare metal underneath.



Most types of glass engrave beautifully. Glass is unique in that it does not get cut into, but rather foams up for a subtle raised engraving. Some glass can also be vector - scored for hand-cutting.


Glass mirror

Glass mirror engraves just like regular glass, and it can also be cut from behind to reveal a subtle image inside the shiny mirrored background.




When cut or engraved with a laser, these materials either do not work with our technology, release toxic hazardous gasses, or release chemicals which can damage the insides of our machines. We will not accept these materials for cutting or engraving. If you are not sure what a material is made from we will try to identify it, and may even offer a test cut, but we reserve the right to refuse any "mystery materials" that cannot be identified.


ABS Plastic

ABS is a very strong, versatile material.Generates toxic fumes,


Polycarbonate (Lexan)

While it looks almost exactly like clear Acrylic, Polycarbonate is much more flexible. It is a tough and useful material, but it does not laser well, and it generates toxic fumes.



Vinyl is easy to color and print on and comes in thousands of styles. Unfortunately it does not laser well and makes toxic fumes. A knife-based vinyl cutter must be used to cut and shape thin vinyl sheet.